With the arrival of 'Dirty Digital' and all that the medium entails; a myriad of software packages have sprung up that allow the keen user the chance to produce 'Real Panoramas'.

So what does this entail?

Basically my approach is simple - choose any scene that can't be covered by conventional lens technology and consider how it might look 'stitched' together from a set of images covering the same scene.

Simple. Most of my pictures are as a result of a sequence of  'portrait' aspect images carefully composed on the computer.... very often they end up being 180 degree depictions of a scene that the naked eye would scarcely appreciate...

Panoramic images have been with us since the 'birth of photography'. The 'Classic' approach to landscapes showed wide vistas in this format - often just by relying on hi-definition emulsions and judicious cropping. The notion of actually experiencing an image wider than this was not possible until the advent of mechanical devices which allowed the lens to pan across the scene, and expose large amounts of film in a manner reminiscent of large school portraits in the past.